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Musica by Joachim Spieth & Juan A. Miñana

Este proyecto es una colaboración sonora.
La idea es hacer una pista una persona y la otra persona se encarga de oirla, trabajarla decidiendo si interviene la pista o no, si añade algo o no o de que manera considera el material recibido.
Se han realizado 5 pistas.
El resultado no es ni evaluable ni su función es que tenga una meta. La idea es que se conjugue en una pista la personalidad sonora de las personas que han intervenido formando una entidad diferente y cohesionada.
El orden de las pistas no importa, libre o por orden alfabético.
Abril del 2018

released August 25, 2018



Unknown Land

Music by Hoogeboom/Langenbach/Lijel/Miñana Osca

Martin Hoogeboom: objects/gui-tronics
Ulrich Langenbach: guitar
Lijel: voice (Here are Dragons)
Juan A. Miñana Osca: electronics

Mastered by Marlon Wolterink/White Noise Studio
Artwork by Martin Hoogeboom

Ulrich Langenbach soundcloud.com/ulrichlangenbach
Lijel lijel.com
Juan A. Miñana Osca soundcloud.com/juan-a-mi-ana

A Martin Hoogeboom Project (DS1235/2020)

released February 12, 2020



15 + 3

All tracks composed and performed by Miñana, Spieth and Ramos.

First collaboration from Juan A. Miñana, Joaquim Spieth and David Ramos.

Cover by: Gunter Lagos

released January 2, 2020

Juan A. Miñana: Electronics
Joaquim Spieth: Trumpet and Electronics
David Ramos: Electronics



Voltage Dirt

The first collaboration between Juan A. Miñana Osca ( La Laguna/Canary Islands ) and Mat Ward ( Hobart/Australia ). 

The album is built on the simple premise of a single musical response. Both artists would create a short file and ask the other to add a single track - thats all, no additional re-mixing, no back and forth refinement, Just one track and a response.
An experimental approach to sound design is employed by both musicians who utilise a wide
range of instruments and electronic signal devices ranging from traditional acoustic piano thru
sine wave generators and even the infamous Intonarumori - a noise machine first built by Futurist Artist and Noise music pioneer Luigi Russolo in 1913.
The nine tracks on this album are true exploration of spontaneity and original experimentation covering a multitude of genres from peaceful ambience all the way through to defeating industrial noise.

Voltage Dirt es la primera colaboración de Juan A. Miñana Osca (La Laguna / Islas Canarias) y Mat Ward (Hobart / Australia). El álbum está construido bajo la idea de proponer una idea sonora. Ambos artistas deberán crear un audio y a partir de ese material intervenir...  more

released April 20, 2019


Some birds. Algunos pajaros. Alguns pardals.

This work is a collaboration between Juan A. Miñana and Vincent Eoppolo about
Shared Experience
#1 of Vincent Eoppolo.

Este trabajo es una colaboración entre Juan A. Miñana y Vincent Eoppolo acerca del trabajo Shared Experience #1def Vincent Eoppolo.

Este treball es una colaboració entre Juan A. Miñana i Vincent Eoppolo sobre el treball Shared Experience #1 de Vincent Eoppolo.


A Few Days

Music by Basma Horsnell/Miñana Osca/Hoogeboom/Vd Brekel/Björk

Grant Basma Horsnell: percussives/sounds
Juan A. Miñana Osca: electronics
Martin Hoogeboom: objects/electronics
Ed van den Brekel: trumpet/voice/sounds
Lars Björk: sounds/sonic structures

Mixed by Martin Hoogeboom
Mastered at White Noise Studio, Winterswijk by Marlon Wolterink

Artwork by Richard Witham

Many thanks to Lars, Ed, Juan and Grant.
A Martin Hoogeboom Project (DS1208/2019)

released April 9, 2019



Martin Hoogeboom: objects, guitar, electronics
Juan Miñana: electronics

All tracks written and produced by Martin Hoogeboom and Juan Miñana.

Theo Calis: electronics (OLK 3)
Paulo Chagas: oboe (GLIMM 1, 2 & 3)

Mastered by Theo Calis
Artwork by Martin Hoogeboom

An Etched Traumas release February 2018 (ET121)


released April 6, 2018




Music by Coombes/Hoogeboom/Miñana

Steve Coombes: bass clarinet
Martin Hoogeboom: objects/guitar
Juan Miñana: electronics

Theo Calis: mastering

Artwork by Scott Bergey.
("Mutual Admiration Society" 18 x 18 x 1 mixed media collage /painting on wood panel - http://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ScottBergey )

Steve Coombes soundcloud.com/stevesoundcoombes
Juan Miñana soundcloud.com/juan-a-mi-ana

An Etched Traumas release April 2017 ( ET110)


released November 22, 2017



by Martin Hoogeboom

Martin Hoogeboom: gui-tronics/objects

Mastered by Rupert Clervaux

Improvisations inspired by sculptures of Germaine Richier. Part of The Dissonant Road, an ongoing series of live and studio gui-tronics improvisations.

Sound contributions:
Leni Hoogeboom: horns
Juan A. Miñana Osca: electronics
Theo Calis: electronics

A Martin Hoogeboom Project (DS1256/2020)

released August 25, 2020


Listening Electronic Animals With Police

The idea of the musique concrete is work with the Sound from diferents ways, recording and editing until editing with the sound, the sound structure.

This work is with Csound. I am working with that software and, at the moment, I am discovering it possibilities.

from ANIMAL FORM, released October 4, 2019


Samuel Barclay Beckett

The piece works around some words, absourd, minimalist and experimental.

I wanted to make a joke with the name and with those words make sounds and paintings…no sense…no music…..only words, sounds and their transforms.

I used the digital music software, “wave pad”.

from IFAR Musique Concrète question of cognition which is not the same in every individual compilation, released June 27, 2018


Supertardigrades 2​.​0 (Spain)

Compilation produced by Fraction Studio (France).
All rights reserved.

Cover and visuals by M.Nomized.

P.2018 FRACTION STUDIO (France).

released February 6, 2018

Tardigrades; also known colloquially as water bears, or moss piglets are water-dwelling, eight-legged, segmented micro-animals. They were first discovered by the German zoologist Johann August Ephraim Goeze in 1773. The name Tardigrada (meaning "slow stepper") was given three years later by the Italian biologist Lazzaro Spallanzani. They have been found everywhere: from mountain tops to the deep sea and mud volcanoes; from tropical rain forests to the Antarctic. Tardigrades are one of the most resilient known animals, with individual species able to survive extreme conditions that would be rapidly fatal to nearly all other known life forms, such as exposure to extreme temperatures, extreme pressures (both high and low), air deprivation, radiation, dehydration, and starvation. About 1,150 known species form the phylum Tardigrada, a part of the superphylum Ecdysozoa. The group includes fossils dating from 530 million years ago, in the Cambrian period.
Usually, tardigrades are about 0.5 mm (0.02 in) long when they are fully grown. They are short and plump, with four pairs of legs, each with four to eight claws also known as "disks". Tardigrades are prevalent in mosses and lichens and feed on plant cells, algae, and small invertebrates. When collected, they may be viewed under a very low-power microscope, making them accessible to students and amateur scientists.


Dowland Revisited_Juan A. Miñana

Participación en el proyecto La Mirada Automática con la ayuda de Tony Peña.

El proyecto se basa en la manipulación e intervención del audio grabado por el tenor Carlos Javier Méndenz, de la famosa pieza de John Dowland, Flow my Tears.


Magnetic Tape Birds

El trabajo se basa en tres conceptos básicos el de la cinta magnética, la música concreta y la grabación de campo. Con esos tres conceptos he realizado el audio.

El concepto de cinta magnética se ha trasladado improvisando con la cinta y grabando dicha improvisación.

El concepto de música concreta alterando los diferentes sonidos grabados.

Y por último el concepto de grabación de campo, relación conceptual con la cinta magnética, el arte de grabar sonidos de la naturaleza.

The work is based on three basic concepts of magnetic tape, concrete music and field recording. With those three concepts I have made the audio.

The concept of magnetic tape has been moved improvising with the tape and recording such improvisation.

The concept of concrete music altering the different recorded sounds.

And finally the concept of field recording, conceptual relationship with the magnetic tape, the art of recording sounds of nature.


from Musique Concrète | Magnetic Products, released March 14, 2020

"No ser o quedarme"(CP-008)

Trabajo para el netlabel Caballo Perdedor.

Juan A. Miñana-Máquinas y efectos.


Electrónica,            software,       ordenadores,

sonidos.......infinitas posibilidades para tan poco

tiempo orgánico.He aquí algunas sugerencias de 

dicha idea de organización de sonidos y tecnología

con un poco de mentalidad biológica. 

La idea de los sonidos de este trabajo tienen un 

origen en común, todas las pistas están relacionadas 

entre sí, y al mismo tiempo recorren caminos diferentes

para tener su propio carácter y destino.

He pretendido, desde el punto cero, ir conectando ideas

y al mismo tiempo separarlas para ver hasta donde podía llegar.

Al mismo tiempo, mi camino personal, es intentar caminar hacia 

otro lugar, siempre buscando mi interior desconocido para mí.

6000 años esperando la vacuna para la ignorancia

From First birthday party by Various Artists (family and friends)

La tercera cultura_JUAN A MIÑANA 

Participación en el proyecto Don José le Escucha de Auriculab.

The Vociferous Mapping Of Your Unlikely Future 

Debut Album : ) 
 Then She Reaches For The Gun is an International Arts Collective led by Mat Ward. The ever changing line up features musicians, poets, sound artists, field recordists, innocent bystanders and several dogs and cats. On this album you will here 

Adam Meredith - Voice 
 Anita Hustas -  Double Bass 
 Agnostura Elwar - Electronica/Guitar/Piano 
 Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi - Voice 
 Ariad Music- Clarinet/Percussion/Piano 
 Axel Weiß- Guitar 
 Bellai Pelegrim - Electronica 
 Brendan Corey Benson - Guitar 
 Carolyn Wigston -Voice 
 Chicago Word Brigade - Synth/Noise/Poetry/Voice/Voice Guitar 
 Dane Renshaw - Drums/Voice 
 Dani Kirby - Piano/Voice 
 Dough Factory - Electronica 
 ElectroTrek - Vibes Synth/Voice 
 Fake Stereo Machine - Field Recordings 
 Frank Wilke - Trombone/Trumpet/Voice 
 Garbage Truck Disco - Guitar/Pixies Tribute 
 Gary Rees - Voice 
 Glenn Ward - Beats/Guitar/Voice 
 Gonzalo Serrano - Drums 
 Holy Shitshow - Digital Strings 
 Hverheij - Electronica/Guitar/Nursery Rhyme Glockenspiel/Voice 
 Ilaria Boffa - Poetry/Voice 
 Juan A Miñana - Electronics/Noise 
 Life in The Movies - Electronic Percussion/Synths 
 MatVee - Beats 
 Martin Pozdrowicz - Organ/Sample Pad 
 Muterial - Electronica 
 My Nocturnal Twin - Guitar 
 Nosensend - Synths 
 Paolo D’Emilio - Poetry/Voice 
 Paul Miller - Beats/Keyboards/Synth Bass/Voice 
 Phil Bywater - Tenor Saxophone 
 Primaloop -Drums 
 PuppetXeno- Guitar/Synths 
 Raöulfr Maganhar - Field Recordings/Voice 
 TexMex Shaman - Guitar/Talkbox 
 The Windscale Blues Experiment - Saxophones 
 Thomas Bergheim - Bass/Guitar/Keyboard 
 Timothy Korstad - Electronica/Poetry/Voice 
 Tuonela - Drones/Electronica 
 Widar’s Spiritual Front - Electronica/Percussion 
 W:I:L-o’ the-wisp - Double Bass/Guitar/Keyboards 
 Wüst - Electronica 
 Vartch - Disco/Noise/Synths/Voice 
 Yui Nikaido- Voice 

Hacho, Lola, Neska, Senna and Yoda - Barks/Hisses/Meows/Purrs/Howls and Heavy Breathing 

Mat Ward - Arrangements/Beats/Bass/Digital Orchestration//Field Recordings/Intonarumori/Noise/Percussion/Piano/Voice 

We are always interested in new people joining this chaos, Pls say hi if you think it might be fun to be involved : ) 

 se lanzó el 29 de septiembre de 2022 

todos los derechos reservados



Colaboración  de Juan A. Miñana  Osca y otros artistas bajo la coordinación de Samuel Aguilar.

Debut Album : )
 Then She Reaches For The Gun is an International Arts Collective led by Mat Ward. The ever changing line up features musicians, poets, sound artists, field recordists, innocent bystanders and several dogs and cats. On this album you will here


small boat BIG SEA 

All music by Ed van den Brekel/Martin Hoogeboom/Petri Lahtinen/Juan A. Miñana Osca/Pull of the Past (Stephen Hardy) 
 Ed van den Brekel: trumpet/electronics 
 Martin Hoogeboom: sounds/objects 
 Petri Lahtinen: voice 
 Juan A. Miñana Osca: electronics 
 Pull of the Past: ambient electronics 
 Mixed by Martin Hoogeboom 
 Mastered by Taylor Deupree 
 Artwork by Martin Hoogeboom 

 se lanzó el 2 de septiembre de 2022